Facebook Ads for Amazon – Take Control and Grow Your Amazon Business

Facebook Ads can be a crucial advantage for Amazon FBA sellers. While it requires a bit of work, promoting off Amazon allows you to take much more authority over your business. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how to increase Amazon sales utilizing Facebook Ads. Do it right and you’ll improve rankings, you’ll get more reviews, more deals and more profound client relationships. 

Avoid the mistakes that many sellers make with Facebook Ads. Start utilizing the success strategies referenced below and you’ll be well on your way. 

Take Control of Your Amazon Marketing

Probably the most serious issue for Amazon sellers is a lack of control over your business. 

You’re helpless before Amazon, their terms, and their search algorithm. 

One change to the way in which they show search results, and nobody finds your item. Or then again, you could put a toe outside the line (if purposefully), and get prohibited by Amazon. 

If that occurs, you have no more business. Amazon possesses every one of your clients, and they have the prudence to allow you to sell on their platform or not. 

Approaching a huge number of Amazon clients is something to be thankful for. In any case, it’s imperative to build a bit of defense for you and your business. 

Enter Facebook Ads… 

Facebook Ads

Promoting on Facebook does that. 

To begin with, by running your own ads and driving your own traffic, you can duplicate this to drive clients to your own store. 

Second, driving traffic from outside of Amazon allows you to build a list of clients. 

Per Amazon’s terms, you can’t attempt to get your Amazon clients’ contact data(email, for example). 

That implies that without Amazon, your business needs to begin from the starting point, with no client base. 

Grow Your Email List Outside of Amazon 

However, if you get to potential clients first – before they arrive at Amazon – you can freely catch contact details from those clients, and assemble a client list you own. 

This permits you to build an important client list for future advertising campaigns, product launches, or to kick off another store if you need to. 

It will likewise expand the valuation of your FBA business, in the event that you actually need to sell. 

At last, Facebook Ads offer you an approach to break the circular issue of sales and rankings and give your items the underlying visibility needed to begin selling. 

Success on Amazon is All About Visibility

The circular idea of sales and rankings is the biggest reason it’s difficult to launch items on Amazon. 

You need deals to rank. But, you need rankings to get deals. 

To sell items on Amazon, the main thing you need is perceivability. When you’re launching another item, you need to create that visibility yourself. 

Facebook campaigns assist you with getting the underlying visibility you need to make sales before your item is ranking. Rather than depending on somebody looking for your item and the Amazon search algorithm indicating it highly, you put your product before potential clients. 

A Facebook Ad campaign can give your item energy, as deals speed, which incorporates into visibility in search rankings and at the end organic Amazon deals. 

Contrasted with launch services, which give deals boosts, Facebook Ads add to both present short-term and long-term growth objectives. 

The short-term development comes by building an example of sales, so you can begin to rank. 

Long-term growth is the ability to create a client list, which most launch services don’t give you. Over time this list will assist you in scale, ranking products voluntarily, and launch extra items, with decreasing costs. 

Also, once more, it is securing your business if, out of nowhere, you can’t rely on Amazon deals for any reason. 

Why Facebook? 

The greater part of what we’ve examined so far isn’t exclusive to Facebook Ads. You could drive traffic from different channels and still get similar outcomes. 

Nonetheless, Facebook is for the most part viewed as the best. 

One explanation is the gigantic base of clients on Facebook. There’s assessed to be 4.4 billion web clients on the planet, and the greater part (2.4 billion) is on Facebook. 

The platform hit 220 million clients in the US alone in 2017 and has just gone up since. 

The objective of promoting is to reach as many individuals who fit your objective segment as possible. With Facebook Ads, there is certainly no shortage of individuals. 

Facebook’s tools for focusing on are another motivation to pick this channel for advertising. With all the criteria you can use to confine your intended interest audience, it’s significantly simpler to focus on your optimal client profile with Facebook Ads. 

All that being stated, there are then again different alternatives for paid ads that can be successful. Most remarkably, Google Ads and Amazon PPC. 

While the two of them have a time and place, and can without much of a stretch be utilized close by Facebook Ads, they often aren’t exactly as good. 

Facebook Ads versus Google 

Facebook Ads versus Google 


The Google Ads platform is tremendous for promoters.

Nonetheless, for e-commerce, (for example, Amazon stores), Facebook for the most part outpaces the competition. The expense per snap and cost per activity is less expensive on Facebook, which is significant for online businesses on a more tight spending plan. 

The main contrast between the two, and the fundamental explanation Facebook is a superior choice, is targeting. 

For Facebook Ads, you can go out and proactively focus on your clients. While Google Ads are keywords-based and reliant on individuals going out and looking for your item’s keywords. 

Nowadays, individuals typically go to Amazon first if they need to look for something to purchase. So that can make Google Ads repetitive a great deal of the time. Facebook Ads, then again, permit you to target new clients and develop your audience significantly better.

Facebook Ads versus Amazon PPC 

The other enormous big dog in paid ads is Amazon PPC. Otherwise called Amazon Sponsored Products ads, this is the place where you pay to have your items indicated higher in Amazon’s search results for your picked keyword. 

Amazon PPC is very successful. Only for sales speed, they might be superior to Facebook Ads, as there is a higher buyer goal. Individuals looking on Amazon are there because they need to purchase something. 

But the enormous advantage of Facebook ads is list building. As referenced before, you can’t assemble a list from your organic Amazon deals, and Amazon PPC is the same. Facebook ads permit you to assemble that long-term value of a client list. 

As Amazon PPC becomes more competitive, Facebook Ads are additionally beginning to turn into a less expensive choice. 

Take Control of Your Amazon Business with Facebook Ads

You’ll never be 100% safe if you depend only on one platform. The best thing to do to protect yourself and your business is by taking full control of your e-commerce business.

Business Marketing Experts are here to help you drive traffic with effective Facebook Ad campaigns and not only boost your Amazon rankings, but build a business that is no longer fully reliant on Amazon to survive.

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