The top 5 most important Google Chrome Extensions Every Digital PR Pro Should Have in Their Toolkit

The top 5 most important Google Chrome Extensions Every Digital PR Pro Should Have in Their Toolkit

The processes for digital PR and link building are often long and tiresome. Between finding and evaluating possible opportunities and tracking down contact info, it’s apparent that digital PR isn’t a job for the impatient, unmotivated, or faint of heart. Fortunately, there are some Chrome Extensions for Digital PR to make the searching and analysis — and the job as a whole — much easier. Here are the top five most important Chrome Extensions for Digital PR Specialist. These are necessary for every digital PR pro’s link building toolkit.

1. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic Backlink Analyzer https://businessmarketingexperts.ca

When it comes to digital PR for link-building, one of the primary things you need to do when you are looking for opportunities is to evaluate the standard of the publication/website. There are some components to think about in this step, but for link-building purposes, we primarily use Majestic. 

The matter is that the more high-quality backlinks pointing to a website, the higher Google will rank that website on its SERP. Majestic informs you about how reliable a website is based on the backlinks that it has pointing to it. The gratis version of the extension shares some key information including:

• how many links point to the page (URL), domain, and subdomain

• how many referring domains link to the page, domain, and subdomain

• “citation flow” score for page, domain, and subdomain (how powerful these links are)

• “trust flow” score for page, domain, and subdomain (how reliable these links are)

A website you would want a link from has a high number of backlinks and a good score on “citation flow” and “trust flow”, not just from a standard standpoint but an SEO-standpoint as well. As our rule of thumb, we typically approve of websites with a root domain trust flow of a minimum of 10. 

The paid version of this extension is $49.99 per month. It offers even more useful information that can be used for your link building efforts.

2. Strike Out Nofollow Links

Nofollow links are links that Google ignores, therefore they don’t have a big SEO value. These links also look regular to the naked eye, and can traditionally only be known by analyzing the code for the no-follow tag (rel=”nofollow”). The Strike Out Nofollow extension is a simple and gratis fix to visibly see nofollow links on the page. It will help you notice when your website has been given a no-follow link on a high-quality website. Then it’s up to you to always make it part of your strategy to reach out and request the webmaster to change it to a do-follow link by removing the tag. But don’t worry, even though a nofollow link isn’t ideal for SEO, it can still drive referral traffic and increase awareness for your brand!

3. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker businessmarketingexperts.ca

Broken link building is when you find and replace broken links on existing sites with other appropriate working links. This is an excellent strategy for putting existing content like blogs to use or even getting links to e-commerce products. The challenge with broken link building comes in discovering the broken links. After all, they aren’t viewable at first look; you’d have to individually click each link to check where it leads you. Thankfully, Broken Link Checker makes the job easier for you. With only a click, this extension scans the full page – or even the whole website if you wish – for any 404 errors. It then shares the broken URLs right in the extension, and you can see them highlighted in pink where they’re on the page. 

Let’s take for example you have two broken links on the page. Say you had a fashion e-commerce website that sold an identical product to the one that no longer exists in this article. You could offer it as a replacement link. This will perfectly result in a new brand mention online and more traffic to your store. This extension is available for free, which is the cherry on top of the cake. If you desire to do more SEO-related work, this company also offers a paid variant with even more characteristics. It includes duplicate content detection and scheduled checking capabilities. 

4. Hunter – Chrome Extensions for Digital PR

Now that you have defined your link building strategy and have found a quality website to get your link placed, you need to find the contact information of the person who is going to make this happen. Hunter is one of our preferred extensions for link building and digital PR. It quickly locates all emails for the particular website you’re concerned with, whether that’s a journalist, an editor, a webmaster, or a support email. It even tells you the contact’s titles (if available) and you’re able to click and see the sources of where they got the emails to verify their validity. The free version of this extension lets you up to 50 searches per month, and the paid versions start at 500.

5. Boomerang for Gmail or Cirrus Insight

Boomerang for Gmail https://businessmarketingexperts.ca

Once you have found where you’re trying to get your link placed and have obtained the contact information, the last step is to finish outreach. These two Chrome extensions have similar features that assist you to write, schedule, and send your emails with ease, and also inform you on your next move. A functionality that both have is read receipts. You can check when and how many times your contact opened your email, or even clicked any embedded links. or even clicked any embedded links. 

This can give you a really good idea of their interest in your pitch, and also whether or not you need to follow up – which brings me to my next point. Both extensions offer you the ability to schedule follow up emails to send later, which is a helpful addition for when you need to be strategic or resourceful with timing. 

Although there are tons of similarities between the two, Boomerang is certainly more limited in its functionalities compared to Cirrus Insight. Boomerang is the gratis option of the two, while Cirrus Insight requires a subscription starting at $27 per month. 

In conclusion

Yes, digital PR and link building can often be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be! With these Chrome extensions in your tool belt and a bit of creativity and persuasion skills, you’ll be on your way to getting placements on high-quality websites in no time. Are you searching for ways to increase your brand’s reputation online while also earning some backlinks and boosting your SEO? We are here to help you.