The Facebook Pixel: A Quick Guide to Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising pixel
Written by Florind Metalla

January 15, 2020

Don’t start your Facebook advertising without reading this article! Installing The Facebook pixel should be your very first step to achieving digital triumph.

Building a strong digital presence consumes a tremendous amount of hard work, perfect timing, significant marketing spend, and a ton of time but fortunately for us, the digital world offers a lot of alternatives to move in the right direction.

The quickest (and most likely the cheapest alternative) way of doing this is to focus your advertising efforts to your target market, with a super-relevant offer that resonates with them, at the right time.

This means identifying and showing your ads to people when they are actually looking for your products or services. Facebook provides everyone the capability to do exactly this, and if you’re just starting out with Facebook Ads, this quick article is going to show you where and how to get started.


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When it comes to Facebook Marketing, the more information that you have about your target customer, the higher the probability of reaching them with the perfect offer at the perfect time increases.

And that’s exactly why installing a Facebook pixel has to be your first step when starting Facebook advertising.

A quick Google search usually provides you with guides instructing you to begin your Facebook Marketing initiatives by creating audiences, designing your ads, writing this super compelling ad copy, or even experimenting the ‘boost post’ option (You Shouldn’t Do This!) and although they are all necessary components of a great Facebook ad (excluding ‘Boost Post’), the future of all of your digital advertising campaigns will be limited until you’ve installed a Facebook pixel on your website.

So, what exactly is a Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook pixel is a small code that you insert on your website (super easy to do and your webmaster should do this for free). This ‘small code’ is able to track and analyze the actions and behaviour of every single visitor that enters your website. Facebook is now able to use its own knowledge of that specific person (based on their own data on their social network) to fully optimize the advertising performance of your campaigns. The more visitors that this ‘small code’ is able to track, the more valuable your Facebook pixel will be.

Because the Facebook pixel can track actions and behaviours on your website, analyze this data and use it to optimize the performance of your ads, it makes the pixel an integral asset for all of your digital initiatives.

Even if you aren’t ready to advertise at the moment, you should install (copy the code to your website) the Facebook pixel because it’s free, and will automatically track the visitors of your website and will begin to feed data to Facebook before you’ve even deployed a campaign!


A Facebook pixel allows you to utilize a number of different optimization features that will super-boost your ROI on Facebook advertising. I’ve highlighted various optimizations below that I consider the most effective to deploy:


  • Event tracking: A Facebook pixel allows you to create specific events that can take transpire on your website (purchase, add payment info, add to cart, complete registration, subscribe and etc). There are 17 standard events in total, as well as the ability to create your own. With this data, you can create ads, retarget and run future promotions. For example, if I set-up ‘add payment info’ as an event, I could create a custom audience of the people who triggered this specific event and show them an ad for the product or service that they clearly wanted but they didn’t ultimately buy.


  • Create Custom Audiences: The example (provided above) is an excellent method of creating an effective automated ad sequence, but there is a multitude of different custom audience building options available because of the Facebook pixel. The more data the pixel grabs, the more audiences you are able to build.


  • Conversion Optimisation: The pixel tracks data from people who completed purchases on your website and shows ads to similar people that it believes will also complete the purchase. The more sales you generate (with a pixel installed) the better Facebook will be able to automatically optimize your conversion rate.


  • Retargeting: You are able to show relevant ads to people who have visited your website. If you’ve seen ads for a product that you have previously viewed but didn’t purchase, shortly after viewing it, it means you’ve been retargeted. Retargeted ads have a much higher CTR and conversion rate, and if you’re serious about digital marketing, you must use it.


  • Create Lookalike Audiences: These are people who have similar interests, demographics and likes as audiences that you have already built. A Facebook pixel automatically creates custom audiences, this means you can instantly create large new lookalike audiences of people who are similar to those who have taken a specific desired action on your page. For example, you could create a lookalike audience of people who have made a purchase on your website. This give you the power to scale up your campaign quickly.


  • Optimize ad spend: If Facebook can show your ads to only the most relevant people, it will automatically optimize your ad spend.


It’s very important to install Facebook’s Pixel as quickly as possible on your website. Every single second that passes by, you’re missing out on valuable data that can help you maximize your advertising efforts.

Currently, you’re missing out on highly effective techniques to optimize your ads, retarget and build countless profitable audiences. This is the very first step in your Facebook advertising journey and don’t ignore the Facebook Pixel!

I help businesses develop lead generation and digital marketing campaigns that deliver results. Ask me about my success stories florind@businessmarketingexperts.ca

In the last 7 years, Florind has mastered packaging brands, products, and services in today’s digital landscape. He brings brands and customers together in a very natural way.

The first word that clients describe Florind with is results – measurable, tangible/real, and trackable. Transparency is rare in the industry but data never lies. By combining analytics, systems, automation, and metrics – Florind has been able to deliver exponential results for his clients. His attention to detail and his pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness is why clients love him and the results he delivers.

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