E-commerce Platform Wix

E-commerce Platform Wix

Wix.com is an Israeli software organization, giving cloud-based web development services. It permits users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites using online drag and drop tools. Wix headquarters are in Israel. It has offices in Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, and Ukraine too. 

Users can add social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact structures, email marketing, and local area gatherings to their web sites utilizing a variety of Wix-developed and outsider applications. The Wix website builder earns its revenues through premium upgrades. It is based on a freemium business model. 

How does Wix work? 

Wix is an all-in-one platform that permits you to build a website all alone without any preparation. The best part of Wix is that you don’t need to know HTML or CSS coding to get started. This is a well-known alternative to WordPress. 

The drag-and-drop use of the website editor lets anyone create and edit a website immediately to get your business online. 

Wix Pricing 

Wix fees vary by area, yet in the US there are currently two different categories of plans you can go with. 

With the general website alternative, you have these pricing choices: 

Connect domain name – You can use any of Wix’s free templates and its website builder, however, your website will show Wix marking at the top. It likewise has the lowest measure of storage with 500 MB. 

Combo – This gives you the bare least for an excellent starter website. With this alternative, you will get a 2 GB data transfer capacity and 3GB storage space. 

Unlimited – If you feel limited by the combo plan’s relatively low 2GB of storage, you may like the Unlimited choice. You have unlimited transfer speed, 10 GB of storage, and access to the Site Booster and Visitor Analytics application. 

VIP – In addition to everything you would get with the other bundles, you can likewise get a professional logo, social media files, priority response, and VIP support to answer your questions rapidly and efficiently. 

In case you’re hoping to sell eCommerce on your website, Wix offers separate bundles with Business ECommerce. The principal difference from the other packages is that the more expensive choices include a free logo, increased storage space, and VIP support to jump the line. 

All e-commerce plans accept online payments through your website. They create a secure checkout process. All Premium plans include a variety of online payment methods, which include credit cards and PayPal. 



Email Marketing – Send up to 5,000 emails per month across a limit of three campaigns. If you need to submit more than that, you should pursue either Ascend or Whoop email marketing applications. 

Wix Stores – Create an online store very quickly. It’s 100% bonus-free, so you don’t have to pay Wix when you are selling items. You should have one of the Business eCommerce plans to have this application. 

Site Booster – Optimize how you get found on search engines like Google to increase the number of guests that discover your website. This can help list and screen your business online across the web to keep your reputation consistent. 

Wix Support 

Wix has a dedicated help team to help its users troubleshoot through email and phone support. 

Even more, they have help articles and videos that can come in convenient when you are first exploring the platform and getting started. 

If you choose one of the higher plans that comes with celebrity support, you leap to the front of the line when reaching out to the help team. This can be well worth the extra few dollars each month in the event that you see yourself needing assistance frequently. 



We found that most clients praise Wix for their simple-to-utilize website builder and how adaptable it is. There may be a slight learning curve in the beginning however users are able to get over this rapidly. 

Wix for dropshipping 

For quite a long time Wix didn’t support dropshipping through their platform. This previous year they introduced the dropshipping feature, joining their competitors by offering this service. 

You would now be able to connect Wix stores with dropshipping services. The current applications that are compatible are Modalyst, Printful, and Printify. 

Pros and Cons 

It has developed to serve over 110 million users and checking. Coming up next are some takeaways in view of things to keep when picking between all the eCommerce sites. 


Get started inside a few minutes 

User-friendly simplified website builder 

Get a decent range of features immediately 


Can’t change templates once the site is online 

Lack of storage space 

Customization possibilities are limited 

It may be decent for a beginner, however, you can rapidly grow out of Wix. 

When it comes to eCommerce, relying on Wix may keep you down with the absence of significant instruments for selling online yet it’s a decent beginning stage for store owners simply dispatching their business.

Is Shopify the best e-commerce choice?

Is Shopify the best e-commerce choice?

Shopify Inc. is a Canadian global e-commerce organization headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. It is likewise the name of its proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores and retail location systems. Shopify offers a wide range of services. It includes payments, marketing, transportation, and customer engagement tools. 

The organization reported that it had more than 1,000,000 businesses in around 175 countries utilizing its platform as of January 2021.  As to Builtwith, more than 3.6 million online stores run on Shopify. The full gross merchandise volume surpasses US$61 billion for calendar year 2019. 

Over a decade prior, Shopify started a store to sell snowboards online. None of the e-commerce solutions at the time gave them the control they needed to be successful. That’s the reason why Shopify constructed its own. Today, businesses of all sizes use Shopify. Even if they’re selling online or  in retail stores. 

Mission: Improving commerce for everyone

Shopify helps individuals achieve independence by making it easier to begin, run, and grow a business. They think the future of commerce has more voices, not fewer. For that reason, they’re reducing the barriers to business owners to make commerce better for everyone. 

How does Shopify work? 

Shopify is a web application that assists you to create your own online store. It includes various templates that can be customized to fit the needs of your business. 

Like with other eCommerce software or installing software, you can customize your experience. There are a variety of applications to run a successful business all with a click of your finger. 

Shopify valuing 


Shopify offers 5 pricing plans: 

  •             Lite: $9 per month 
  •             Basic: $29 per month 
  •             Shopify: $79 per month 
  •             Advanced: $299 per month 
  •            Shopify Plus: pricing varies depending on the requirements 

The Lite alternative may seem appealing, yet it doesn’t provide you with a completely working store. The basic alternative will get you started with all the rudiments of beginning a new business. 

The more expensive alternatives include some features that you might not have any desire to miss. 

With the $79 plan or more, for example, you can have professional reporting and gift vouchers. Some features, for example, the advanced report builder and outsider calculated transportation rates are only available in the advanced or plus plan. 

Shopify applications 

There are plenty of applications available for marketing features, SEO, content, sales channels, customer service, items, and payment processors. Below are some of our favorites: 

Item Reviews lets you add customer reviews to your items. Your customers can give feedback and your potential buyers can get honest reviews of your items. 

Shopify Payments is its own payment gateway so you can manage all your payment alternatives on one dashboard. By picking this choice you additionally waive all exchange fees. 

Kit is your advanced marketing go-to master when you need Facebook advertisements, email marketing, efforts, and get performance updates. Kit can help you reach people at the ideal time on Facebook or Instagram with targeted messages. 

Shopify support 

You can reach its support by taking all things together. Their knowledge base is spread out across their web journals and gatherings. 

You can likewise get in touch through online media, which isn’t available with all e-commerce platforms. 

However, when we dive deeper into the reviews of Shopify, customer support is one area that numerous users feel could be improved. 



Reviews show that the item is great for building an online shop yet if there is a problem, dealing with help can be problematic and time-burning-through. 

Shopify Item reviews permits you to add a client review feature to your items. This gives a way to your clients to engage in with you, just as one another to encourage deals. 


Theme friendly plan Surveys naturally coordinate your store’s look and feel 

Simple customization – Alter format alternatives, text and shadings without expecting to code 

Mass activities – Distribute, stow away, channel, and oversee surveys rapidly and without any problem 

CSV import and Export – Import and fare your surveys as an accounting page 

SEO friendly review scores – Add survey scores to your Google query items.

Shopify for dropshipping 

Spocket application is a dropshipping marketplace that is easy-to-use and offers quick delivery for hundreds of thousands of items from more than 20,000 reliable suppliers. 

You can get started with 25 items for FREE, up to 250 items for just $29/month, or $69/month for unlimited items. 

Pros and Cons


To summarize it, these are the fundamental advantages and disadvantages that we figure you can expect to encounter on the off chance that you choose Shopify: 


  •             Impressive sales features 
  •            Supports multi-channel selling 
  •             Vast application marketplace 


  •       Transaction Fees 
  •             Switching templates = reformatting site 
  •             Doesn’t uphold international currency without outsider applications 

Shopify is one of the most famous eCommerce software currently on the market. However, it is not by any means the only one. We’ll broadly expound with other alternatives you can use to strengthen your eCommerce store.